Hey you, out there in the cold…

Hi there.

You know, its been a while since we talked, and I see you coming along well with your costuming and what not, but, y’see there’s been a problem. Maybe it’s just me, and I would doubt it if it was, but I have to lay down the line and the truth sometimes.

Its really likely that your pursuit for cosplay fame, is going to end badly.

Now before you get all huffy and what not, let me explain this train of thought. I’m telling you this because I do not want to see you make an ass of yourself online, simply to achieve a per-determined number of likes, and give yourself a bad public image in that crazy “social” race. It takes more than a nice set T and A to get the attention you deserve with the caliber of work you do, so why would you risk lowering yourself to that baseless self defeating quick attention-getter?

You’re better than that.

Leave that idiocy to the “cosmodels”. That is their can of worms to swallow. Let them be the target for demeaning commentary, sexist remarks and gods know what else lurks on the internet. You, my friend have a real talent that should be expressed and explored and shown to the world one little step at a time, at your leisure. Show them your work, do write ups on each picture you take. Do video, showcase the skills you have that go towards your final output, and then, when it all comes together, you can have and show off something to be proud of.

In the end, that is what is going to get you noticed, and no amount of cleavage shots to stay relevant in the hobby that the media has infected us with is ever going to change that (no matter what people may say).

Keep the faith. Keep calm and costume on.


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