The Gullability of Geekdom

This past week has dropped a bomb on the Marvel Universe, and as usual, the internet was in full uproar to the shadowy reasoning.

I am, of course, referring to the Steve Rogers incident. You know, the one where its supposed to reveal that Captain America has been an agent of Hydra (yet another infamous plot twist).

I can see why peoples panties would be in a twist. Since Cap was created (1941, by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby) the character was a political superhero who stood against the Nazis. Even punched Hitler right in the face. Now, its seems that it is to be reveled that Captain America was actually part of a Nazi cult called Hydra, led by The Red Skull.

This is where geeks become vulnerable and in the most part gullible. Because we care too much about a character that has literally become an icon, we flip out at any possible change. Granted, this is a huge thing within the Marvel Universe, but what we fail to see and understand, is that no matter how outraged we are, we still go out to buy the books, because we are foolish enough to want to read and understand the conditions and the development that led and will continue to lead this particular direction in storytelling.

Thing, is, this is nothing new. Changes, MAJOR changes to beloved characters happen all the time. Despite all the controversy and the negative hype, we still support it, read it, watch it, all the while loudly proclaiming how it has now ruined childhood.

Seriously folks…it is time to get over it. Embrace change. Characters and stories of all sorts never stay the same. the evolve. Mythology and legends of yore as well as things of this nature will do so as well. It is inevitable. Hell, Stan Lee was quoted to saying that this is a “crazy BUT GOOD idea”. Sounds like a pretty good endorsement to me. Stunts like this is supposed to make you curious, make you want to read the books, hell even go out to see the (inevitable, possibly) movie.

And that, my friends, is where we are gullible. We fall for it every time, and not just with comics. Its movies, pop culture as a whole. Its a marketing machine that does its job so very well that we tend to fall right into its web, happily, and while complaining. secretly enjoy whats coming, changing our minds and stances to accommodate.

Its not a bad thing, being so gullible to fall for such tricks of the trade. In a way, we have been doing this for generations. It’s how we grow as a culture, for without change, without shake ups, without “destroying” what has been built before to make way for new things, and to even go so far as to have art reflect life (Cap being a Hydra Agent, I am sure, shows no reflection in the attitudes of certain political party candidate followers in the US right now..;) ), without these thing, we die. We do not grow, we do not expand our horizons and explore other possibilities in storytelling, missing out on those opportunities to really shine.

So the next time something comes up within the confines of pop culture that is so earth shattering and profound, don’t be so gullible to ride the event out on a rail. Stop and think, of the possibilities to come from it.


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